In Review: Poreč’16


The ESBA Championship in Poreč finished last week and went into history as the biggest event in ESBA history to date. A total of 49 teams competed in 12 different age categories, with a 3×3 Tournament and Spalding Three-Point and Free-Throw Shooting Contest also taking place.

During the championship, Lithuania and Russia stood out from the rest as the countries with the most success. Lithuanian teams won four gold medals, four silver medals and two bronze medals, while Russian side also triumphed in four different categories, claiming second place in two and finishing third in four age groups.

Ukraine finished third in the medal standings with one gold, one silver and two bronze medals, while Czech Republic and Germany had one champion team each. Estonia and Latvia also stepped on the podium with one silver medal each.

In the 3×3 Poreč’16 Open, teams from Czech Republic, Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine claimed victories in different age categories. Representatives from Czech Republic, Lithuania, Russia, Slovenia and Ukraine also won the various age groups in the Spalding Shooting Contests.

Also, it was announced that the next ESBA Championship will be held in the Spanish city of Santander in 2017.


Martins Silis2016225054240

1st: UD (Ukraine)
2nd: Small Planet (Lithuania)
3rd: Legion (Russia)

MVP: Volodymyr Gurtovyy (UD)

Points: Ricardas Macelis (KSK Kaunas) – 22.5
Rebounds: Giedrius Zabulionis (KSK Kaunas) – 11.5
Assists: Dmitry Usanov (Legion) – 5.5


Martins Silis2016224342240

1st: Patvanka (Lithuania)
2nd: Project 44 (Russia)
3rd: Basketclub (Russia)

MVP: Ramunas Juska (Patvanka)

Points: Arvydas Venclovas (Patvanka) – 21.0
Rebounds: Sergey Ivanov (Project 44) – 11.3
Assists: Ramunas Juska (Patvanka) – 5.0


Martins Silis2016152020240

1st: Bitsa-Team (Russia)
2nd: Parnu (Estonia)
3rd: Dinamo (Russia)

MVP: Sergey Ivanov (Bitsa-Team)

Points: Aleksei Ugriumov (Dinamo) – 18.0
Rebounds: Saulius Kriksciunas (KTU Omega) – 11.3
Assists: Sergey Ivanov (Bitsa-Team) – 7.8


Martins Silis2016190252240

1st: Salilita (Lithuania)
2nd: Garkalne (Latvia)
3rd: KFU Gorod Kazan (Russia)

MVP: Vladas Luksa (Salilita)

Points: Drasko Kunic (KK Umag) – 25.7
Rebounds: Drasko Kunic (KK Umag) – 16
Assists: Arunas Sarka (Salilita) – 9.4


Martins Silis2016151229240

1st: Mercury (Russia)
2nd: Lietuva (Lithuania)
3rd: Ranga (Lithuania)

MVP: Alexander Kharchenkov (Mercury)

Points: Timur Yunusov (Mercury) – 22.4
Rebounds: Rasid Abeljanov (Lietuva) – 13.2
Assists: Alexander Kharchenkov (Mercury) – 7.4


Martins Silis2016150451240

1st: CSKA Veterans (Russia)
2nd: Vilniaus Statybos Senjorai (Lithuania)
3rd: Big Game (Ukraine)

MVP: Igor Sakharnov (CSKA Veterans)

Points: Igor Sakharnov (CSKA Veterans) – 12.3
Rebounds: Victor Petrakov (CSKA Veterans) – 13
Assists: Igor Sakharnov (CSKA Veterans) – 5.3


Martins Silis2016145740240

1st: Vilniaus Statybos Senjorai (Lithuania)
2nd: Russia (Russia)

MVP: Juozas Rimkus (Vilniaus Statybos Senjorai)

Points: Sergey Naidenov (Russia) – 18.8
Rebounds: Juozas Rimkus (Vilniaus Statybos Senjorai) – 8.8
Assists: Marijonas Zinkevicius (Vilniaus Statybos Senjorai) – 1.8


Martins Silis2016145055240

1st: Kazan (Russia)

MVP: Vladimir Zagliadimov (Kazan)

Points: Vladimir Zagliadimov (Kazan) – 12.0
Rebounds: Vladimir Zagliadimov (Kazan) – 6.8
Assists: Oleg Bolshakov, Rinard Urazmanov (both Kazan) – 2.5


Martins Silis2016223556240

1st: Best of Havirov (Czech Republic)
2nd: Carpathian Bears (Ukraine)
3rd: Radviliskis (Lithuania)

MVP: Jana Hradilova (Best of Havirov)

Points: Sona Simkova (Best of Havirov) – 18.3
Rebounds: Tetyana Yasicheva (Carpathian Bears) – 12.5
Assists: Jana Hradilova (Best of Havirov) – 5.8


Martins Silis2016222840240

1st: Augma (Lithuania)

MVP: Asta Siksniene (Augma)

Points: Asta Siksniene (Augma) – 9.3
Rebounds: Elvyra Muradova (Augma) – 5.7
Assists: Elvyra Muradova (Augma) 2.0


Martins Silis2016185534240

1st: Maximum International (Russia, Croatia, Germany)
2nd: Kamane LT-Augma (Lithuania)
3rd: Ladies Legion (Ukraine)

MVP: Ekaterina Loginova (Maximum International)

Points: Olga Macovchina (Ladies Legion) – 20.8
Rebounds: Olga Macovchina (Ladies Legion) – 11.8
Assists: Linda Dreimane (Amber Latvia) – 3.7


Martins Silis2016222156240

1st: Ladies Germany (Germany)

MVP: Heike Schonau (Ladies Germany)

Points: Heike Schonau (Ladies Germany) – 8.3
Rebounds: Heike Schonau (Ladies Germany) – 6.5
Assists: Heike Schonau (Ladies Germany) – 1.3