Poreč is at your fingertips and is an attractive automobile destination!

You have chosen the City of Mosaics for your sunny spring getaway, summer holiday or autumn gastronomic weekend and now all you have to do is decide what mode of transportation to use to get there.
You can get to the Poreč coast by land by taking a automobile, bus or train.  Those who love blue expanses can set sail on the Adriatic Sea and dock at one of Istria’s harbours and marinas or fly into the nearest airport by plane.
Many roads lead to Poreč; your chosen destination is nearby:

  • Amsterdam  – Poreč    1396 km
  • Warsaw  – Poreč    1241 km
  • Berlin   – Poreč    1152 km
  • Prague – Poreč       871 km
  • Zürich – Poreč       763 km
  • Bratislava  – Poreč       591 km
  • Munich   – Poreč       564 km
  • Vienna  – Poreč       546 km
  • Budapest – Poreč       604 km
  • Milan – Poreč       496 km
  • Zagreb – Poreč       249 km
  • Ljubljana – Poreč       162 km
  • Trieste  – Poreč        77 km

Arriving in Poreč by plane

Choose the fastest route to your favourite destination.  Poreč and Istria are attractive airplane destinations thanks to the vicinity of the Pula International Airport, located only about 50 km from Poreč.  Many flight options offered by renowned airlines will get you to nearby airports quickly and safely.

  • Venice-Venezia / Italy code VCE, distance 225 km / approx 2 hours driving distance
  • Trieste / Italy code TST, distance 125 km / approx 80 min driving distance
  • Pula / Croatia code PUY, distance 50 km / approx 30 min driving distance
  • Zagreb / Croatia code ZGB, distance 250 km / approx 2,5 hours driving distance
  • Ljubljana / Slovenia code LJU, distance 190 km / approx 2,1 hours driving distance

Arriving in Poreč by train

If you are coming by regular passenger train, you can come from Ljubljana via Divača to Buzet or from Pula which are located located only twenty to thirty kilometers away from Poreč. If you are coming on a regular train from Zagreb via Rijeka, you will arrive in Pazin, located only about 30 km away from Poreč.

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Railway station RIJEKA

Railway station KOPAR (SLO)

Railway station PAZIN

Railway station TRIESTE (Italy)

Railway station PULA

Arriving in Poreč by car

From the north: Ljubljana – Crni Kal – border crossing Pozane – Buzet – Vizinada – Porec or Ljubljana – Kopar – border crossing Kastel or Plovanija – Buje – Novigrad – Porec or Trst – Kopar – Kastel / Plovanija – Buje – Novigrad – Porec
From the east: Zagreb – Rijeka – Tunnel Ucka – Pazin – Baderna – Porec
From the south: Pula – Vodnjan – Bale – Sv.Lovrec – Porec

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Arriving in Poreč by bus

Bus station Porec, Rade Koncara 1, tel. +385 52 432 153 – local, inter-city and international bus lines (working hours 5.20 – 22 every day).

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Bus Terminal