Awards handed out to the best shooters


The best shooters of Poreč’16 had a chance to shine on Thursday at the Žatika Sports Center, as participants of the championship gathered for the Spalding Three-Point Contest and the Free-Throw Competition.

The competitors were divided into separate groups of competition by their age and gender. All in all, there were five different categories in the Spalding Three-Point Contest and an additional Free-Throw Contest for the oldest players.

Out of the six different awards, Lithuania claimed two, while Czech Republic, Russia, Slovenia and Ukraine earned one apiece.

Jana Hradilova, representing Czech Republic and Best of Havirov, triumphed in the W40 age category. Regina Valiuliene from Lithuanian team Kamane LT – Augma won the W50 age category.

In the men competition, Sergii Myzrak from Ukrainian team UD won the M40 contest, Marjan Fišer from Slovenian side AIKEA Portoroz topped the field in the M50 age category, while Lithuanian sharpshooter Arunas Baltinas lifted the M60 trophy.

For the first time in the history of ESBA Championships, a free-throw contest was held for the M70 age category. Rinard Urazmanov from the Russian team of Kazan claimed the crown of the inaugural competition.