Day 6: ESBA Championship Winners


The 1st ESBA Championship wound down to a close at the Gloria Sports Arena in Belek, with some teams celebrating medals and others soaking in sorrow of defeat. With the first award ceremony taking place on Friday evening, teams from the remaining ten age categories were presented with medals and trophies on Saturday.  Teams from Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine won gold medals, while Estonian, German, Latvian, Slovenian and Turkish teams also stepped on the podium.

Round-ups of individual categories:


M40 — Small Planet


Champion: Small Planet (Lithuania)

MVP: Virginijus Sirvydis (Small Planet)

Top scorer: Virginijus Sirvydis (Small Planet) – 20 PPG

Top rebounder: Rolandas Matulis (Small Planet) –  9.8 RPG

Best assistman: Egidijus Mikalajunas; Aurimas Palsis (Small Planet) – 2.2 APG

M45 — Musson


Champion: Musson (Sevastopol)

Runner-up: Project 44 (Russia)

Third place: Carpathian Bears (Ukraine)

MVP: Valerii Iaichun (Musson)

Top scorer: Alexander Kuznetsov (Project 44) – 24.3 PPG

Top rebounder: Sergiy Tsymbal (Musson) – 12.7 RPG

Best assistman: Valerii Iaichun (Musson) – 5.7 APG

M50 — Bitsa-Team


Champion:Bitsa Team (Russia)

Runner-up: Dinamo Kursk (Russia)

Third place: Perlas (Lithuania)

MVP: Mikhail Borisov (Bitsa Team)

Top scorer: Arvydas Venclovas (Perlas) – 24.5 PPG

Top rebounder: Valerii Sirotiuk (Dinamo) – 11.4 RPG

Best assistman: Romualdas Brazauskas (Perlas) – 4.4 APG

M55 — Salilita


Champion: Salilita (Lithuania)

Runner-up: TOP Trust (Estonia)

Third place: Auto-Queen (Russia)

MVP: Rolandas Penikas (Salilita)

Top scorer: Rolandas Penikas (Salilita) – 25 PPG

Top rebounder: Vytenis Urba (Salilita) – 10 RPG

Best assistman: Arunas Sarka (Salilita) – 7.5 APG

M60 — Mercury


Champion: Mercury (Russia)

Runner-up: SLO 50+ (Slovenia)

Third place: Babailar (Russia)

MVP: Alexander Kharchebkov (Mercury)

Top scorer: Grigorii Avdeev (Mercury) – 22 PPG

Top rebounder: Alexander Kharchebkov (Mercury) – 10.5 RPG

Best assistman: Vitoldas Masalskis (Statyba) – 3.5 APG

M65 — CSKA Veterans


Champion: CSKA Veterans (Russia)

Runner-up:  Latvia

Third place:  Vilniaus Statybos Senjorai (Lithuania)

MVP: Alzhan Zhurmakhamedov (CSKA)

Top scorer: Igor Sakharnov (CSKA) – 15 PPG

Top rebounder: Victor Petrakov (CSKA) – 10.5 RPG

Best assistman: Igor Sakharnov (CSKA) – 2.5 APG

M70 — Kazan


Champion: Kazan (Russia)

Runner-up:  Nevsky Veterans (Russia)

Third place:  Sameko (Estonia)

MVP: Rinard Urazmanov (Kazan)

Top scorer: Peeter Kokk (Sameko) – 13.3 PPG

Top rebounder: Vladimir Zagliadimov (Kazan) – 6.8 RPG

Best assistman: Endel Tuur (Sameko) – 1.8 APG

W35 — Carpathian Bears


Champion: Carpathian Bears (Ukraine)

Runner-up:  Bergama Genclerbirligi SK (Turkey)

Third place:  Baltijec (Russia)

MVP: Inessa Khodova (Carpathian Bears)

Top scorer: Alessandra Santos de Oliveira (Bergama Genclerbirligi SK) – 24.3 PPG

Top rebounder: Alessandra Santos de Oliveira (Bergama Genclerbirligi SK) – 17 RPG

Most assists: Galina Ragozina; Zenfira Rogutina  (Baltijec) – 3.8 APG

W45 – BC Svaja


Champion: BC Svaja (Lithuania)

Runner-up:  Maximum (Russia)

MVP: Daina Motiejuniene (Svaja)

Top scorer: Jolanta Jurciuviene (Svaja) – 16.3 PPG

Top rebounder: Ekaterina Loginova (Maximum) – 7.7 RPG

Most assists: Ramune Giliene (Svaja) – 4 APG

W50 — Kamane LT-Augma


Champion: Kamane LT-Augma (Lithuania)

Runner-up:  Spartak (Russia)

Third place: Ladies Germany (Germany)

MVP: Marina Sauliene (Kamane LT-Augma)

Top scorer: Ina Revinskiene (Kamane LT-Augma) – 16.3 PPG

Top rebounder: Ina Revinskiene (Kamane LT-Augma) – 10.8 RPG

Most assists: Larisa Finogentova (Spartak) – 2.8 APG

W55 — Kamane


Champion: Kamane (Lithuania)

MVP: Zita Kuzminskiene (Kamane)

Top scorer: Zita Kuzminskiene (Kamane) – 4 PPG

Top rebounder: Danute Puodziuniene (Kamane) – 4 RPG

Most assists: Daina Kliaugiene (Kamane) – 1.5 APG