Participation fee

ESBA Antalya 2015 offers two ways of participation. Every team can choose:
1) to pay a Participation fee and to take care about the staying in Antalya/Belek by themselves
2) to buy the ALL INCLUSIVE package “Leave Your wallet at home” (participation fee is included)

Participation fee is set at 900 EUR for men teams and 800 EUR for women teams, until February 1, 2015. 1100 EUR for men teams and 1000 EUR for women teams until May 10, 2015.
“The team” means 15 persons: 7-12 players and 3 non-playing team support staff Participation fee includes:

  • Organizing of the games (gyms, officiating table, referees, LIVE statistics, water during the games) 
  • Opening Ceremony
  • The production of players’ licenses/ID cards
  • 3-point shoot-out (2 players from the team)
  • Friendly All stars game
  • Gold, bronze and silver medals in every age category
  • Cup for every best team in each category
  • Prizes for the individual nominations
  • Tournament gift box
  • Participation in the annual Conference of ESBA
  • Grand party