Day 3: The first semifinalists are clear

3rd day in ESBA 2018 championship was a full of games. 20 matches were played on Tuesday and first semifinalists became clear after all of them.


BC Svaja continuing their win series by defeating 60-44 Pula 50 team, who lost the first time in this tournament. Home team had 1 point advantage after the first half of the game, but later Lithuanians took control of the game and ran away from opponents.

Ingrida Jonkute was the best with 16 points and 12 rebounds in BC Svaja team, while Tatjana Susnica Relic was the top scorer with 13 points in Pula 50.

In another group game Czech Ladies recorded their first win 27-14 against Legion XXI. Both teams had a lot of difficulties to score, but finally Czech Ladies was better team on the court.

Eva Brizova ended game with 8 points.


Carpathian Bears ended the group stage without single lose. The team took the 3rd win in a row 81-32 against Dobele and goes to the semifinal as the favorites in the age group.

Yelyzaveta Lysenko with 17 points was the key point in an easy win.

Legion XXI took their first win 40-37 against Seduvos Malunos, but still ended the group stage at the bottom of group and will compete against the leader of the group in semifinal.

Daina Motiejuniene showed a great performance with 18 points, but it was not enough to beat Legion XXI.


In the battle for the second place in the group Tigris 70-39 defeated Kekava, while Nova Arena took a technical win and win the first place in group.

Liudmyla Liubarska was the main key for important win with 15 points.


The only game was played in the eldest age group. Vilniaus Statybos Senjorai defeated 42-35 Veteran Ukraine and stayed unbeatable in the group with 2 wins in a row.

Romanas Ramanauskas was the best with 14 points, while Volodymyr Martynov chipped 15 points for Ukrainians.


LVIV Basket continued their campaign with a second victory 66-36 before Czech Republic. Ukrainians ran away from the first minute and never looked back.

Volodymyr Korobkov  was the main key with 19 points in the second win.

Michal Zalabak scored 11 points, but did not have enough help from teammates.

In another group match, Volnic took a win 48-25 and is still in a battle for the first place in a group.

Vladimir Minaev was the only player with double digits in a team – 10 points.


Group leaders match in the age group ended with AIKEA Portoroz win 71-64 against Vilniaus Statybos Senjorai. 

Marijan Fiser with 27 points was unstoppable and led the team to the important win a group stage.

Another group match ended with Babailar victory 42-35 against Petergof. Babailar showed a great performance in the first quarter 15-8, which helped them to be in the lead position all the time.

Aleksandr Tubach with 9 points was the best player in a winner side.


The group stage for age group M55 ended. All semifinalists are already known.

In group A all places became clearly after the last round of the group stage. Veterani Umagi took a victory 71-58 against Russian Project and became a winner of the group, while BBG Perlas 85-70 defeated Rovinj.

In group B Garkalne continued a winning streak with a win 68-44 against Sodoma and will compete with BBG Perlas in a semifinal.

Meanwhile, KFU Gorod Kazan 71-57 won against Veteran Basket and took the last place in the semifinal in the age group.

Vadim Shvetsov scored 16 points and grabbed 13 rebounds in the key game of the tournament at current moment.


All semifinalists are clear in the age group as well. Patvanka lost their last game 75-61 against Parnu, but still made into the semifinal.

Mait Kabin scored 37 points and was unstoppable in the game, while Arvydas Venclovas with 17 points was the best on Patvanka team.

Dinamo ended group stage round with an easy win 102-60 against Donbass and moved to another round.

Meanwhile, Mercury-Kazan 82-59 defeated Poltava-Kalush and moved to the semifinal as well.

The last game of the age group ended with the 3rd win for Kaunas LT United 67-43Lithuanians defeated Basketclub and left them without a single win.

Rimantas Mince with 20 points was the top scorer in Lithuania team.


In the age group the game on Tuesday gave all supporters a full of emotions. The game ended with 1 point difference where Garkalnes novads defeated their opponents BC Aqua in a tight game 75-74.

Maris Citskovskis and Normunds Feiebergs ended the game with 16 points each.