The Official Regulations for ESBA Championship Pula 2018
ESBA Regulations for Pula 2018 (full text in PDF, edited on March 14, 2018)

Main points:
8. Age categories are as follows:
a. Women: 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 and 55 years and over
b. Men: 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65 and 70 years and over
9. Age determined at December 31 of the Championship year, except:
a. One younger player (younger by no more than one year; age determined at December 31, 2018) could be added to the following age categories for Pula 2018:
• Women 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55
• Men 65
b. Two younger players (younger by no more than one year; age determined at December 31, 2018) could be added to the following age categories for Pula 2018:
• Men 70
10. No player is allowed to play in more than one team and more than one category at the Championship.

14. Every player has to be in possession of an ESBA-issued Player ID Card, valid for all ESBA Championships. It confirms his/her eligibility to play in the respective age category.
15. The Player ID card indicates the player’s name, surname and date of birth alongside a personal photo, the identity number of ESBA and the date of issue. The personal information from a player’s ESBA Player ID will be reflected in the player’s profile on the ESBA official website.
16. A player has to bring his/her Player ID Card to the Championship.
17. Only players in possession of an ESBA-issued Player ID Card will be admitted to the game.
18. Only players, signed a Waiver Pula 2018, will be admitted to the game.

19. In order to issue a Player ID Card for players not already in possession of one, the following information about each player must be sent by email to ESBA at latest 21 day before the Championship:
a. Player’s name, surname, date of birth;
b. Player’s photo (taken by camera or mobile phone);
c. scanned colorful copy of a valid passport or certificate of identification;
20. Player ID cards are provided free of charge for the first time. Any further production of them (in case they are lost or damaged) will be a paid service of 10 EUR per card.

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24. Team manager (he/she can also be one of the team’s players) is responsible for the signing of Waiver of Liability by every Team’s member
25. Team manager is responsible for the accurate registration (by email) of his/her team 14 days before the Championship – presenting the “Team Application form Pula 2018
26. Twenty (20) minutes before each game, Team manager has:
a. to present to the Officiating table all his/her team’s Players’ ID Cards
b. to check their uniforms numbers for that game in order to avoid of any misunderstanding for LIVE statistics during the game and all Championship
Note: ESBA will provide Team managers with a special ID cards’ pocket, to keep the cards safe.

39. The competition may be held in one or more groups depending on the number of registered teams in every category. The system of competition will be announced a week after team registration deadline.
40. The Championship will be played within 7 days (6 game days plus 1 rest day).
41. All teams will play a minimum of four (4) and a maximum of six (6) games during the Championship.
42. Every team shall play no more than one game a day and no more than three days in a row.
43. The game schedule will be published within 14 days of the team registration deadline.

54. The men categories of 65+ and older and women category of 55+ will be played by standard rules except:
a. Playing time will be set – 4 x 8 minute quarters.
b. The team must bring the ball frontcourt without any limit of time.

XVIII. Commissioner
62. The Commissioner(s) is/are appointed by ESBA. He/she is responsible for the execution of Players’ eligibility questions in accordance to the Regulations.
63. During the Championship Commissioner(s) has/have rights to make a randomly control of the players’ eligibility to play in the respective age category by collation with data in the original identification documents of the players (passports, certificate of identification).

XXIV. Financial Conditions
81. Participation fee is set at:
a. For women teams:
i. 700 EUR until December 15, 2017
ii. 800 EUR until February 1, 2018
iii. 1000 EUR until May 1, 2018
b. For men teams:
i. 900 EUR until December 15, 2017
ii. 1000 EUR until February 1, 2018
iii. 1200 EUR until May 1, 2018