The competition will be held in six separate categories: W40, W50, M40, M50 and M60. Additionally Free-throw shooting competition for M70.

Basic rules:

  • Team can delegate 1-2 player(s) until June 8, 2017.
  • The age category of a player is defined by his or her own age, and not the age category in which his team participates.
  • The shooting time limitation is 1:20 min for the younger categories, 1:30 for the elders.
  • The contest shall be organized in qualification round, followed by the Finals.

Competition Rules:

  • The time limit has been adjusted accordingly — contestants will have 1:20 min or 1:30 min to complete all five racks.
  • Each rack will have five balls. The first four balls will be worth 1 point and the final ball (Money ball) will be worth 2 points.
  • Participant can choose which corner to start from, but cannot start from the top of the key or either wing.
  • Participants feet cannot be on the line when he/she attempts shot. Spotter will notify shooter and official scorer if infraction occurs.
  • The contest shall be organized in qualification round, followed by the Finals.
  • The three players with the top scores advance to the finals. (Tiebreaker: participant with the most Money balls made will advance; if tie persists, there will be a 30-second shoot-out where the same rules apply.)
  • The player who scores the most points becoming the Winner.

Free-throw shooting competition  for M70

Participants in the M70 category will compete in a free-throw shooting competition.

Competition Rules:

  • Each participant will attempt 10 (ten) shots from the free-throw line in the first round.
  • Two players with the best scores will advance to the final.
  • In the final, the participants will once again attempt 10 shots from the free-throw line.
  • In case of a tie, players shall shoot one free-throw each until a winner is established.