The Atlantic Park of Las Llamas

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We offer to read short history about this park.

It is placed right after the Palacio De Deportes De Santander (main venue of the Championship), a space whose creation has led to the total regeneration of a marshland. Fruit of a great project that will affect the whole valley, this park currently open to the public extends from the Palacio to the Arenas Bridge, at the foot of the campus of the University of Cantabria, which is widely improved thanks to the facilities of the park.

This 11-hectare park has a central area with a shallow water sheet and a reedbed crossed by several footbridges. Every footbridge has the name of an ocean liner, including the one that does not reach the other side, called ‘Titanic’. Moreover, this park boasts an amphitheatre and some of the remains of the 19th-century ancient piers, discovered during the remodelling works of the car park at Alfonso XIII Square and moved here afterwards. But what certainly characterizes this park, whose silhouette seen from the air represents the countries surrounding the Atlantic Ocean, is the large number of tree species from Cantabria and from both sides of the ‘Pond’.

The Atlantic Park of Las Llamas also comprises three car parks, a café-restaurant and a 2.5 km cycle lane, apart from the building of Escenario Santander, which hosts concerts and rehearsal rooms for local bands.

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