Santander 2017 to feature 3×3 OPEN


Here 3×3 Open is!

3×3 basketball tournament will be included in the program of the week-long event which take place in Santander, Spain in June 2017.

It will be open to full-time participants of the championship as well as those players, who could not form a full team for the standard competition.

In the preliminary plans, there will be two main categories, divided into different age sub-categories:

Men: 40, 50 and 60
Mix: 35, 45 and 55 (2 ladies and 2 men per team, 2 ladies, 1 man in the court)
* at least 4 teams have to apply in each age category

We are inviting to make the registartion until the 1st of May, 2017 through 3×

For more information about the 3×3 Open and how you can register, please click here.