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Pradžia - Palangos Sporto Centras

Sporto str. 3 , Palanga

Palanga’s sports center – a school of non-formal children education and a school of sports education supplementing formal education, responsible for the sport of children, pupils, young people, adults and sports veterans within the town of Palanga, owning and improving town’s sports facilities, mass playgrounds, as well as providing qualified sports services within town’s sports facilities, streets and the beach.

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 Gym 3

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Ganyklų str. 2 , Palanga

Currently 654 students are studing at Palanga Vladas Jurgutis Progymnasium in the grades 1 – 8. There are 47 teachers out of whom 4 Teachers Experts (Physics Teacher, ICT Teacher, Music Teacher and Non-formal Education (Dance) Teacher), 37 Teachers Methodologists and 6 Senior Teachers.

In the year 2015 Biology and Maths Teachers took part in a short internship in England, Physics Teacher in Cerne and ICT Teacher did 1 month internship in the
Netherlands. In 2019 Physics Teacher won the nomination of the Most Innovative Physics Teacher in the competition “Knowledge Economy Forum“ organized by Lithuanian Teachers‘ Association.
The school participates in the project “Information Technology in Elementary Education”, testing the program of integrated Science Course in the grades 5-6. Between 2016 – 2018 the progymnasium participated in the State Planning Project “Recognition of Pupils’ Academic Abilities and the Development of the Quality of their Education“.
Vladas Jurgutis Progymnasium is considered to be a STEAM School. In 2021 the school joined the international project ‘‘Road to European Parliament“ (REP2019).
Students had a chance to improve their English skills while writing directives and discussing with the partners form Italy, Turkey, Greece, Romania and Portugal.

Every year, the students of Vladas Jurgutis Progymnasium take part in the Lithuanian Television Project “Lithuanian Millennium Children” and become the finalists.
Annually, School Soloists and Dancers are winners of the National and International Competitions. Also, they are active participants and winners in the Lithuanian TV Project “Duokim garo”, Laureates of the Lithuanian Children and Students‘ Television Competition “Dainų dainelė”. Pupils of Palanga Vladas Jurgutis Progymnasium are enabled to develop their innate talents.

Particular attention is paid to to each student’s progress and the quality of their education, combining creativity with teaching and learning. The school develops
practical research activities. All the school students take part in these activities of their own choosing, gaining new competencies in research, analyzing the data, presenting the research results to other students and their parents. Palanga Valdas Jurgutis Progymnasium is the school where students identify and develop their personal strengths.




Gym 4

Mokyklos str. 10 , Šventoji