Baltic Cup 2022 overview

sea cup medals

In October 7/8 in Palanga during sunny and warm weekend took place the tournament BALTIC CUP 2022.

In 6 (six) women age groups played 11 teams (2 from Estonia, 4 from Latvia and 5 from Lithuania). Winners of tournament become one team from Estonia (Estonia 60+), three teams from Latvia (Latvia Purenes, Riga Satiksme/Dinamo, Avantis) and two teams from Lithuania (Alytaus RKL, Augma).

In 8 (eight) men age groups played 28 teams (5 from Estonia, 6 from Latvia and 17 from Lithuania). In all age groups the winners become the teams from Lithuania (KTU-Žalgiris, Ranga, Statyba, Vilniaus Silicio biotechnologijos, Žaibas-Alaus mėgėjai, Patvanka, Pakruojo Parketas-Dolomitas, Amber).


Great thanks for all participants and best wishes from organizing team