Question. What is the TEAM FEE and PERSONAL FEE?
AnswerThe TEAM FEE on the other hand will cover the general costs of the tournament that don’t depend on the number of people, but on the number of teams – number of venues, referees, live statistics, overall organization, promotion, etc.

The individual costs of the tournament are all the costs that depend on the number of players we have registered. Those costs can be direct – ex. gift box, social party, public transport etc. or indirect – ex. Insurance (which depends on the number of persons), physiotherapist, ambulance, staff (which depends on the number of persons) etc.

Question. What is the official game ball of the Championship?
Answer. Ball “Wilson Solution” for Female. Ball Wilson EVO NXT) for Male.

Question. Does the Waivers must be presented to organizers before registration day?
Does this mean that a medical fitness certificate has to be provided by each individual player?
Answer. No, the originals with each player’s signatures must be presented at the desk or registration on June 10, 2023 (or June 11, 2023 depending on team arrival date).
Use this link to download the document –

Question. What means the abbrevations “Lo” and “Wi” in the schedule table?
Answer. The abbrevation “Lo” means “Loser” of previously played game, and “Wi” means “Winner” of previously played game.

Question. Can I download the Schedule table?
Answer. Yes, by clicking with mouse on the table you will download PDF file of good quality.

Question. When the practices will be available?
Answer. June 10 since 9:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. in two courts of the main Venue Pavilhão Municipal de Albufeira (2 Basketball oficial courts) – Av. das Ilhas B, 8200-047 Albufeira; 37.0988334136047, -8.238962161948265

Question. How to register for the practices?
Answer. Please send the request by the email, mark an age group, the name of the team and specify the desired training time.

Question. How to obtain the schedule of practices?
Answer. Please visit the following link –

Question. Does the Licences must be printed or presented in other way?
Answer. No, they don’t need to be printed. The most convenient way to save them and store in the player’s smart phones, tablets and etc.

Question. If you are the referee and want to take part at the Championship?
Answer. You need to contact Accomodation & Event manager João Ambrósio –