Message from the Mayor of Albufeira

Mayors message v2

Sustainability, hope and joy by Sport, a message from José Carlos Rolo, the Mayor of Albufeira.

Each person, each team and each institution can take a decisive step towards a positive path in this third millennium at any time. One of the great purposes of sport is
undoubtedly to find a unifying vision of the nature of man and society, based on an interdisciplinary approach.

Sport is a vehicle of hope and sustainability, given its close relationship with the environment, which in turn is linked to energy, and this to the distribution of wealth in
the world, which is reflected in the birth rate, in future generations, in the reconciliation of peoples, finally, sport is also an ethical issue.

The breadth and depth of the 7th ESBA Championship leads us to work together, coordinated and in solidarity at all levels: with partners, sponsors, managers, sports
technicians and institutions, but also with athletes and their friends and family, as well as with the general public.

Sport, in this case Basketball, allows us to create a great alliance, regardless of origin, religious belief, economic situation, ideological position or party affiliation of each one.

The language of sport is, therefore, the language of emotion, inclusion, cooperation and motivation. It is a universal language.

To all those who share this common interest in sport and recognize its value as a fundamental vehicle for sustainable development, my best regards and best wishes for
an excellent season in Albufeira. I express these wishes with joy, starting from a very special city that translates into the practice of hospitality, the healthy environment,
the leisure of excellence, the beauty of its landscape and the diverse knowledge available to the smallest details.

To all, an excellent championship!