Gastronomy in Albufeira

About some serious stuff: sweets!

There is one noticeable tendency when it comes to Algarve’s sweets: they’re almost all made with eggs, almonds, figs, or carob.

First, it is important to disclaim that the sweets mentioned in this post are not from Albufeira originally but from the Algarve region. Nevertheless, you will find any of these sweets almost anywhere you go in Albufeira.

The most famous ones are probably the “Doces Finos” (fine sweets), little marzipan shapes filled with sweet egg cream. They are visually very attractive, as they come in all sorts of shapes and bright colours, replicas of fruits, animals, and other foods, like the ones shown in the photo.

Then you have Dom Rodrigo. Dom Rodrigo is made of sweet egg strands and sweet egg cream flavoured with cinnamon. You can find them wrapped up in brightly coloured foil, in the shape of a pyramid.

Little fig cheeses are also a must, and as the name says, they are made with figs, almonds, sugar, chocolate, “aguardente” (a drink with a high concentration of alcohol and produced by distillation), cinnamon, fennel, and water. No cheese in there, just the name, but delicious nevertheless.

If you are a chocolate fan, you will find carob sweets very interesting, as carob is a good substitute for chocolate. The carob roll, made with carob flour, is just one of the recipes it is used in.

Need a napkin for the drooling?

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