Opening Event

Opening event will take place on June 9 from 20:30 in a public square at a bar BOCAITO in Altea.

Local Organizers are inviting all teams to come together for an Opening ceremony, where everybody will be able to sing popular songs of countries, to meet and talk with old and new friends, to enjoy some drinks and to dance.
* Organizers will provide team managers with coupons for drinks during the registration on June 8.

For those who are living in Calpe transfers will be provided as following:

  • for outgoing journey 4 (four) buses will go to the Parking place next to the Pavilion of Altea (courts) as  follow:
    • 3 buses from the hotel Port Europa at 20:00
    • 1 bus from the pavilion “Domingo Crespo” at 20:00,
  • for return journey 4 (four) buses will go back from the Parking place next to the Pavilion of Altea to Calpe at 23:30 (end stop at hotel Port Europa).


at bocaito