In review: Altea 2019

Just one day has passed since we finished the ESBA Championship in Altea and Calpe. There were a total of 16 age categories with 63 teams participating.
We’d like to congratulate all the participants and fans with the final review of the tournament.


W60 Champions - Zeltenes, Latvia

W55 Champions – Estonia

W50 Champions - BC Svaja

BC Svaja won all 4 games in Altea’19 championship with average 24.25 difference. Even in the W50 final Lithuanians took an easy win and deserve to celebrate their glory.
Loreta Berukstiene and Daiva Jodekaite with almost 12 points average were the top scorers in the team.
On another age group we can congratulate Estonia team which won final game 40:36 against Baroneses. Estonians can be thankful for Katrin Aava who scored 17 points in the final game and helped her team to reach the trophy.

MVP in W60 – Daiga Jansone
MVP in W55 – Katrin Aava
MVP in W50 – Daiva Jodekaite


W45 Champions – Seduvos Malunas

W40 Champions – Nova Arena

W40/45 women age group contains 6 teams and 2 champions were announce after 7 days of tournament.
Nova Arena did not have any problems in any game and won the trophy easily. Final game ended by 31 difference and it is the best proof how good this team is. The best player in the team Natalia Rumiantseva with 18 points and 9.7 rebounds in average.

More intrigue was in W45 final where Lithuanians won the last game by only 4 points margin – 45:41 agains Ladies’ Legion. It was the second battle between these teams and Lithuania was a better team in both games. Renata Radisaukaite with 13 points and Loreta Stanciauskiene with 10 points were the best players in the team.

MVP in W45 – Akvile Katiliene
MVP in W40 – Natalia Rumiantseva


W35 Champions – POL Dream team

W30 Champions – Ladies’ Legion

Poland team POL Dream team approved their advantage and won final game 55:45 against Kekava. The key moment in final was 2nd quarter where Poles ran away by double digits. Ilona Jasnowska was a star in winner side by scoring 19.8 points in average.

Ladies’ Legion was a step above from all other teams in their age group. Otherwise in the final game Ukrainians must played at their best – after 3rd quarter difference against Favorites LT was only 3 points but in the last quarter Ladies’ Legion showed their skills and won the game 56:42.

4 players in champions squad showed great performance by having double digits in efficiency graph – Liudmyla Liubarska, Liudmyla Huzenko, Yana Barzakova, Kateryna Viznytsia.

MVP in W35 – Ilona Jasnowska
MVP in W30 – Liudmyla Liubarska


Champions – Kazan

In the oldest age group we can found the biggest intrigue. Two teams – Kazan and Tallinn were fighting in two tight games and the winners were announced only by one point difference. In the first game Tallinn was a better side by 3 points, but in the second game Kazan won by 4 point and took the 1st place in this age group. Congratulation!

Rinard Urazmanov was the best player in Kazan  with 12.8 points in average.

MVP in M75 – Rinard Urazmanov


Champions – Veteran Ukraine

3 teams were participating in this age group and Veteran Ukraine was a way better team by winning all 4 games. Volodymyr Martynov with 9.3 points and Mykola Bychkov with 9 points in average were the top scorers in the team.

MVP in M70 – Volodymyr Martynov


Champions – Mercury

5 teams were participating in age group and the winners were revealed only in the last game after battle between Mercury and SLO 50+ teams. Before this game, both teams had 3 wins in their accounts. But after the last match happier side was Mercury. Russians won the match 59:31.

Unstoppable in this tournament was Andrei Snytsin with 20.5 points in his account.

MVP in M65 –  Andrei Snytsin


Champions – AIKEA Portorož

AIKEA Portorož raised the trophy in the group M60 as they beat BGG Perlas 63:60 in the final game. Mitja Muha and Stane Breznik scored 15 points each. Mindaugas Lukošius with 24 points was the best player for Lithuanians.

VKK Zagreb grabbed the bronze after beating  Gartkalne 74:47.

MVP in M60 – Mindaugas Lukosius


Champions – Slovenija 55 Sportis

The age group where the most teams participated – 12! Teams were divided into 4 groups. All 4 groups winners successfully qualified into semifinals but on the latest stage Slovenija 55 Sportis was far away a better team than others. Slovenians won semifinal by 17 and the final game by 22 points and grabbed the gold. Veteran Basket took the silver and Omega Kaunas was celebrating the bronze medals.

The most efficiency in this group was Arvydas Venclovas with 25 efficiency points in average. The champion Slavko Kotnik had 23.8 efficiency.

MVP in M55 – Slavko Kotnik


M50 Champions – Mercury-Kazan

Mercury-Kazan recovered after terrible defeat in group stage 34:105 and in the final showed their best side. Mercury-Kazan won the final game 72:66 agains Kazan and reached sweet revenge at the best time. Alexander Ustinov was the top scorer with 18 points in gold medal game.

Basketclub grabbed the bronze medal after win 73:52 against Tonus.

MVP in M50 – Vladlen Raiskii


Champions – Baltic Interwood

Baltic Interwood after amazing performance in the second half in the final grabbed the gold. After 2 quarters, Veteran Basket Kiev was in the lead by 12 points, but after the break, Russians showed their skills and dominant in the court. Final result – 56:49. Sergiy Tsymbal scored 18 points.

Lithuanians Brazylija – Home resort LT took a bronze after easy win 88:64 in third place match against Donbass.

MVP in M45 – Sergiy Tsymbal


Champions – EspUA

United team from two countries – Spain and Ukraine, showed a great team chemistry in the tournament and grabbed the gold after beating 71:62 LesoRub in the final. 5 players for united team scored double digit in the final and it was a key for this team in the whole championship.

Dnipro took the bronze after winning 66:36 in the last game.

The most efficiency player was Anatolii Dubniuk from Dnipro team with 21 in average in this age group.

MVP in M40 – Oleksii Poltoratskyi


Champions – Restaurante Baydal

Only two teams were participating in the youngest age group – Restaurante Baydal and Costa Blanca Warriors. Teams played twice and both times stronger side was Restaurant Baydal – winning by 29 and 53 points.

The best player in champions squad was Pedro Ignacio Rubbera with 26 points.

MVP in M35 – Iker Benzazoua