The Alicante Metropolitan Tram


The Alicante Metropolitan Tram light rail combines different modes of rail services: a partially underground modern tramway through Alicante city centre, a tram-train from Alicante to Benidorm, and conventional commuter rail from Benidorm to Altea, Calp and Dénia.

In target to travel from-to Allicante and Altea you can use the following lines:

  • L1 – from Alicante city centre to Benidorm takes 72 minutes. In Benidorm it connects with line L9 to Dénia.
  • L9 – from Benidorm to Altea takes 14 minutes.


Discover Line 9

Line 9 is a little over 50 kilometres of track where six completed refurbished locomotives circulate through spectacular landscapes linking some of the most interesting towns in the region.


Group travel has some advantages

TRAM offers a 40% discount from the general fare for group travel, under the following conditions:

  • The group needs to have a minimum of 10 members, travelling together from the same origin to the same destination.
  • The group tickets can be purchased at the ticket desks in manned stations only (Luceros, Mercado, El Campello, Benidorm, Altea, Teulada and Denia).

Here you can find the full list of fares for TRAM

Organizers suggest to purchase a TRAM card. The price for the first time is 9.60 EUR.
for the card, but 7.60 EUR  for 10 trips/for one zone. After that you can add trips as many as you need.