Welcome to Baltic Cup 2024!

The Baltic Cup is a tournament organized by NGO Esto Maxibasket (Estonia), BK Vecmeistari (Latvia), Lithuanian Veterans Basketball League (Lithuania) and the European Seniors Basketball Association.

The competition brings together the best veterans’ basketball teams from EstoniaLatvia and Lithuania, who compete for the Baltic Cup in different age and gender categories.

2024 Tournament will be held in Latvia, Tukums from 31 May till 2 June.

Tukums is a city with the breath of antiquity and the loud modern rhythm of life. The most important place in the city is its center: Brīvības laukums, a favorite resting place where you can listen to the sound of water from the fountains. Every year on May 1, the fountain is woken up by the city’s residents.

The history of basketball in Tukuma goes back a long way, and the city’s teams have participated in all Latvian Maxibasketball championships, starting with the first one in 1990. And regularly won award-winning places!

The people of Tukum are proud of their city and will always proudly show the beauty of Tukum to the guests of the city – come to Tukum and see for yourself! You will be able to find out more about tourism, accommodation and dining options in Tukum a little later!

Baltic Cup is a tournament featuring the strongest participating teams of the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian basketball championships. At the tournament Men’s and Women’s teams will compete with each other in various age groups.

The tournament takes place every year in one of these three countries, and each year in another one. Age groups, time and venue of the tournament and the number of participants are determined by the organizer of specific tournament.

For the Baltic Cup players will compete in the following age groups:

Men 40+; 45+, 50+; 55+; 60+; 65+; 70+; 75+

Women 35+; 40+; 45+; 50+; 55+; 60+;

Three teams will participate in each age group (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.)

Games run: 4 * 10 minutes, the FIBA ​​rules, where each team play out with each team. (LAT-EST, LAT-LIT, EST-LIT). In case two teams obtained the same number of wins, the highest place will receive the team that has gained more points.

This year, the Baltic Cup is called Open and teams from the nearest Baltic Sea regions are expected.

Fee: Tournament Entry fee of 300 euros.

In addition, we can offer you exclusive prices for accommodation at the city hotels.

Prizes: in each age group the winner is awarded with the Baltic Cup trophy, as well as a tournament sponsor has organized its special awards.

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