Baltic Cup 2015

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The Baltic Cup is a new project created by NGO Esto Maxibasket (Estonia), BK “Vecmeistari” (Latvia) and Lithuania Veterans Basketball League (Lithuania) and European Seniors Basketball Association (ESBA). It is a competition of the best seniors’ basketball teams from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in different age and gender categories.

The three countries will rotate in hosting the championship, with the organizing country determining the age groups, time, location and system of play. Additional participating countries are also decided by the organizer of the cup.

In 2015, the tournament will be held in Estonia at the Pärnu Sports Hall (Riia HWY 129, Pärnu) on 11-12 September 2015.

The Baltic Cup 2015 is a tournament between the winning teams of Estonia’s, Latvia’s and Lithuania’s basketball championships, where the winners of Baltic cup in different age groups and in men’s and women’s teams will emerge. The rights to participate in Baltic Cup 2015 belong to Champions of the Championships of the corresponding countries in  the 2014/2015 season. If a champion waives its rights to participate, the vice-champion takes over the rights. Only two players from another teams could be added in the participant team’s roster.

The Baltic trophy 2015 will be awarded in the following age groups:

men’s 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+ and
women’s 40+, 45+ and 50+

Game system: 4*8 min, FIBA rules. Every team plays both opposing teams (EST-LAT, LAT-LIT, EST-LIT). In case two teams get an equal amount of wins, the winner is decided by whoever scored more points.

Prizes: The winner of each age group is awarded the Baltic Cup trophy. All teams will be awarded with sponsorship gifts.

To follow us and in the nearest time you will find the new website of Baltic CUP 2015!