Day 4: Tensions rise before final battles begin


Biggest win: Small Planet – 56 (106-50 vs Baltic Virtuozo) Top scorer: Banu Karadagli – 37 (Bergama Genclerbirligi SK) Most rebounds: Alessandra Santos de Oliveira – 18 (Bergama Genclerbirligi SK) Most […]

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Day 3: Championship gains momentum, as favorites claim wins


Biggest win: Musson – 42 (105-63 vs Carpathian Bears) Top scorer: Grigorii Avdeev – 36 (Mercury) Most rebounds: Vladimir Fidii – 15 (Interwood-Project 44) Most assists: Sergiy Tsymbal – 10 (Musson) […]

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Day 2: Musson dominate, other teams join action


Biggest win: Musson – 100 (150-50 vs Baltic Virtuozo) Top scorer: Arvydas Venclovas – 37 (Perlas) Most rebounds: Irina Menshikova – 20 (Baltijec) Most assists: Valerii Iaichun – 15 (Musson) […]

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Russian participants dominate three-point contest

Three-point contest

The first awards of the ESBA Championship in Belek were handed out on Monday, as Ebru Zaynep Saylan, Nedezda Bukharova, Sergey Savin, Alexander Kharchenkov and Igor Sakharnov became the winners […]

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ESBA Championship officially opened


The 1st ESBA Championship in Antalya was declared open on Sunday evening, with an action-filled opening ceremony taking place at the Gloria Sports Arena, packed with participants and spectators alike. […]

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