The Games are off and running!

Day 1 news

The excitement begins today in Liepāja on the first day of the Baltic Cup, with the best men’s and women’s veterans’ teams from Estonia, Latvia Lithuania and Russia competing for the title of the best basketball team in the region for their respective category.

Years of experience, tactical know-how and strategy, three pointers, plus slam dunks [perhaps on a good day!] will be on show as the masters show off their talent.

Men’s teams in 7 different age groups from 40-70 years of age and 4 age groups in the women’s from 35-50 years of age will be competing in the second Baltic Cup in this beautiful seaside town.

Entry to the tournament is free so come on down and support the athletes on 2nd and 3rd September.

The first games in the men’s over 65 category have commenced and all games at the tournament can be followed, minute by minute, here – on the Baltic Cup website with FIBA Live Statistics support.

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