3 person officiating in Baltic Cup 2016

The Baltic Cup will bring together over 35 senior basketball teams from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia, split up into 11 groups – 4 female and 7 male. This will be the best meeting the best in Liepāja, as the champion veterans team from each country plays a match against their best rivals from neighbouring countries.

The organizers of BC 2016 have come to an agreement with the Latvian Basketball Association’s (LBS) Basketball Referees Commission regarding the officiating at the tournament and a pre-season referees’ seminar will also be taking place at the same time and cooperating with the event.

The best young referees in Latvia, watched by the most experienced referees in Latvia will be keeping a watchful eye on the veterans. Each match will have 3 person officiating, so be warned, there’ll be none of the usual holds or other dirty tricks gleaned from years of experience on show here this year!
Everyone will be watching!

The Baltic Cup will take place on 2-3 September in the beautiful beachside town of Liepāja in Latvia, home of the NBA’s Kristaps Porziņģis. Entry to the event is free.