Welcome to Baltic Cup 2016!

After a successful inaugural edition of the Baltic Cup in the Estonian resort of Parnu, the rights to host the event in 2016 were awarded to Liepaja in Latvia. The Baltic Cup is a tournament organized by NGO Esto Maxibasket (Estonia), BK Vecmeistari (Latvia), Lithuanian Veterans Basketball League (Lithuania) and the European Seniors Basketball Association.

The competition brings together the best veterans’ basketball teams from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, who compete for the Baltic Cup in different age and gender categories.

The three countries will rotate in hosting the championship, with the organizing country determining the age groups, time, location and system of play. Additional participating countries are also decided by the organizer of the cup.

In 2016, the tournament will be held in Liepaja at the Liepaja Olympic Center (39 Brivibas Street, LV-3401) on 2-4 September. Situated on the coast of the Baltic Sea, the resort offers not only top level sports infrastructure, but also a variety of recreation and entertainment options.

The right to participate in Baltic Cup 2016 belongs to the national champions of the three Baltic countries in the 2015-16 season. If a champion waives its rights to participate, the rights are then awarded to the runners-up.

ESTOhttp://www.basket.ee/et/seeniorid – Estonian championsip

maxibasketlvhttp://maxibasket.lv/ – Latvian championsip

lkvlhttp://www.lkvlyga.lt/ – Lithuanian championsip

The biggest change from last year’s tournament will be the wildcard* system, which provides a possibility for teams from other countries, primarily, along the Baltic Sea shoreline (Denmark, Finland, Germany, Poland, Sweden and Russia) to participate.

The Baltic Cup 2016 will have the following age groups:

  • Men’s 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+
  • Women 35+, 40+, 45+, 50+

Competition format:

At least 2 teams have to apply in each age category, with a maximum of 4.

  • 4-team format: Teams are drawn into Semi-Final pairs, playing the round of Friday, with the Finals held on Saturday; the draw has to be done before the games and with the all four team managers participating; the team, who made the longest journey, gets the right to draw first;
  • 3-team format: Teams play each other: guests play in two days (one game per day), host team plays two games on Saturday;
  • 2-team format: Teams play each other twice on Friday and Saturday.

Game system: 4*8 min, FIBA rules.

Prizes: In each age group, the winner will be awarded with the Baltic Cup trophy, as well as special awards organized by the tournament sponsor.

Who can qualify for a *wildcard?

1)     Countries, which have shorelines along the Baltic Sea: Denmark, Finland, Germany, Poland, Sweden and Russia; Registration deadline is July 14, 2016

2)     If there are more candidates than one, the team, who  applies for participation and makes the Tournament Entry fee payment of 200 Euros, gets the rights to a wildcard;

3)     If there are no candidates for the wild card from the countries along the Baltic Sea shoreline after July 14, 2016, participant teams from any other country are acceptable; Registration deadline is July 28, 2016;

4)     If there are no candidates from other countries, a second team from the host country is acceptable.

5)     If any of the teams from Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania refuses to participate, an additional wildcard will be available.