International Basketball Tournament
“Gothic Basket Cup 2014”

Chapter I
General Condidtions


In the intentions of the organizers Gothic Basket Cup Tournament 2014 is to be annual, cyclical event for the veteran teams (men and women) from Poland and other European countries. The Organizer of the Gothic Basket Cup (hereinafter Tournament) is the Consus Old Basketball Team from Torun, Poland, and the team title sponsor – Consus S.A. company.


1. In Tournament may participate:
1.1 Teams that have confirmed their participation by responding in writing for the Organizer’s invitation.
1.2 Each team may compose of maximum of 12 players.
1.3 In 2014 the Tournament is open to players in the age category 45 plus (date of birth 1969 and older). Additionally, in each male team a maximum of 1 player from the age category 40 plus is allowed to play (date of birth 1974 or older).
1.4 What is more, in 2014, the Tournament is organized for female players in the age category 40 plus (date of birth 1974 and older). In female teams participation of 2 players aged 35 plus (date of birth 1979 and older) is allowed.
2. Verification of the players is based on a list of names of players sent to the Organizer (the application documents) and confirmed to the Tournament Director at the date of the teams registration.
2.1 In case of reasonable suspicion concerning the minimum age for players of teams taking part in the competition, the Torunament Director may request, in the presence of the person requesting to see evidence of the identity of a particular player.
2.2 The person requesting may only be the captain (manager) of one of the teams participating in the Tournament.
2.3 In the event of a breach of the rules, the team will be penalized by default for every match in which there was an unauthorized player on the court.
2.4 Walkover is the equivalent to winning the match resulting in 20:0 in game points or 2:0 in match points.
3. Organizer of the Tournament has the right to organize additional basketball games for all age categories, which while being an additional attraction of the Tournament, will not be taken into account in the determination of the games order.
4. The Directorate of the Tournament, which includes: Director of the Tournament and one representative of each team taking part in competitions, is responsible for all matters included in the Byelaws.
4.1 Each team determines in the application documents sent to the Organizer, their representative in the Directorate Board.
4.2 Under reasonable circumstances, the meeting of the Directorate may only be convened by the Tournament Director.
5. The Tournament is open to teams which at the time of the teams’ registration paid the entry fee of EUR 200 (men) or EUR 100 (women).


1. The Tournament is played in order to identify the winner of the following edition of Gothic Basket Cup and the rank order of teams, according to the provisions adopted in the Bylaws.
1.1. The main prize for taking first place in the Tournament is the „Golden Catherine” – the symbol of the Torun town.
1.2. The other major Tournament prizes are as follows: „Silver Catherine”, award for taking second place in the Tournament, and „Bronze Catherine”, which is given for taking third place.
1.3. Other teams taking part in the Tournament receive from the Organizer of the event commemorative gifts – “Catherines”.
1.4. Furthermore, the Organizer of the Tournament, after consultancy with each teams’ representative, selects the best male and female player of the Tournament, which will receive the awards of Best Player Of The Tournament (MVP).
1.5. The Tournament Directorate, basing on entry forms, is giving at the end of the competition an award for the oldest participant in the Tournament and for the Miss Tournament 2013.
1.6. The organizer has freedom to establish any number of additional awards or prizes that are not included in the Bylaws.

Chapter II
Tournament Games


1. Each team participating in the Tournament is committed to:
1.1 Possess two sportswear uniforms (dark and light) per player.
1.2 The appointment of captain (manager) for the Tournament.
1.3 The team captain (manager), 30 minutes before the game, is required to deliver to the referees of the Tournament a statement about game participants and their current numbers.
1.4 Participation in the Tournament is based on the principles of Fair-Play.
2. The Tournament is played under international rules of basketball.
3. Tournament games of men are divided into two phases: Group Stage and Final Stage.
3.1 Division into groups is determined by the Organizer of the Tournament.
3.2 In the Group Stage matches are played on a round robin.
3.3 The best team from each group is playing for the first place award during a Final Stage.
3.4 The second best team from each group is playing for the third place award during a Final Stage.
3.5 The third best team from each group is playing for the fifth place award during a Final Stage.
3.6 The fourth best team from each group is playing for the seventh place award during a Final Stage.


1. The order of teams in the Group Stage is determined on the basis of match points and game points obtained by particular team.
1.1 For each won match during the Group Stage the team receives two match points.
1.2 The losing team of the match during the Group Stage receives one match point.
1.3 Each match of the Tournament has to bring a win/lose result. In the case of a draw in regular time, referee of the match adds two-minute overtime, and repeats it until one team wins.
2. The ranking of teams in the Group Stage takes place according to the rules:
2.1 Number of match points.
2.2 The direct result of match between teams, in case of even amount of match points.
2.3 In case of even amount of match point for three teams, greater difference in game points.
2.4 Bigger number of scored game points.
2.5 If there is absolute balance of the above categories, ranking in groups will be decided by drawing lots.
3. Female tournament games are played on a round robin.
3.1 The ranking of female teams in the Tournament is according to the general principles of the ranking of teams §5, point 2.
4. Each game in the Tournament consists of four quarters of 8 minutes, counted without stopping time.
5. Time will be stopped only in the last 3 minutes of the fourth quarter of each game and during a possible playoff.
6. Before each match of the Tournament, each team has the right to a 10-minute warm-up.
7. A detailed schedule of matches, warm-ups and the Tournament will be prepared by the Tournament Organizer.


WARM UP – 10’
BREAK – 2’
BREAK – 10’
BREAK – 2’
TOTAL: – 59’


1. The Organizer reserves the right, in relation to the players or teams breaking the rules of sporting competition and the rules of the Tournament and behaving in vulgar way, or not complying with orders and verdicts made by referees or the Organizer, the possibility of exclusion from the Tournament at any stage!


1. The division into Tournament groups:
Group A:

Group B:


Chapter III
Final Conclusions


1. Teams are required to comply with the orders and safety rules before, during and after the event.
2. Tournament participants are required to obey the instructions of the Organizer.
3. The Organizer ensures its participants with:
3.1 The possibility to use sports hall along with the equipment.
3.2 Board of referees.
3.3 Medical care (a qualified nurse, a paramedic).
3.4 Drinking water.
3.5 Promotional and informational materials.
3.6 Banquet.
3.7 Prizes and gifts.
4. The Organizer does not provide any additional health insurance or accident insurance for the duration of the Tournament. The Organizer recommends to all participants to secure themselves with insurance on their own.
5. All Tournament participants are to sign the roll-call statement of participation in live tournament play at their own risk.
6. The Organizer will make every effort and provide the necessary assistance in case of injury to each Participant of the Tournament.
7. The Organizer is not responsible for lost items during the Tournament.
8. Interpretation of the above Bylaws belongs to the Tournament Organizer.


1. Teams Registration for the Tournament, confirmed by the signature of the team’s captain is regarded as acceptance of and compliance with the above Bylaws.