Bella Skyway Festival


During the “Gothic Basket Cup 2014″ everybody will be able to follow the fantastic event of Torun the Bella Skyway Festival 2014: Touching the Horizon. Crafting the Infinite

Touching the Horizon. Bella Skyway Festival is about creating new, fresh ideas for the inhabitants of Toruń and visitors of the Festival. It’s about building visions. Everything the experience infinite in our everyday life.
In 2014 city will be transformed by the means of light into a huge experimental laboratory. Installations presented during the Festival will become time machines taking visitors into a breathtaking journey in the space-time.

Installations presented during the festival will become a part of urban landscape. As usual, the program of the Festival will offer a variety of installations: from spectacular projections to subtle art interventions.
According to the artistic vision of Mário Caeiro, the curator of Bella Skyway Festival, is divided into three parts:

Immen(c)ity: constructions created just for a brief moment which enter into a dialogue with existing architecture of the Old Town of Toruń. For five days those ephemeral constructions will become a part of the urban landscape, changing its perception. Every visitor will have a chance to lose himself into the vastness of the city and to find the answer to the question “where is the end of what is a firm part of our urban surrounding and what will soon disappear.”
Cinematic procedures: the facades of the buildings will turn into cinematic screens. Motion pictures will transform completely the well known surfaces. The latest 3D video mapping concepts will be put aside small video-installations, which will be moving in the very same way as large-scale projections.
Perceptual tricks: artistic immersions into the urban landscape, which carry a mistery with themselves. Is this, what we see, real? Those subtle installation hidden in the nooks and crannies of the Old Town will give our eyes and souls a rest from the colorful and full of monumental pieces Festival’s journey.
Every year Bella Skyway Festival aspires to increase cultural consciousness of citizens of Toruń. In 2014 we will tell you new stories, show monumental constructions, we will play with your perception and time feeling. Today we can look forward to the Festival’s journey into infinite.